Journey of ‘The Usables’

A year ago, at a conference, a bunch of friends met after a long time, and during the chit chat, an idea emerged to use the skills to do something good. The friends share one thing in common; all of them are somehow related to technology. When a group of software developers, web designers, gamers, and security enthusiasts come together and use the knowledge they earned after years of experience, “The Usables” came into existence.

The Usables provides up-to-date and detailed reviews, tips, listings, how-tos, and industry news created by experts backed by years of experience. Our content is aimed to help users around the world with comprehensive articles and guides, along with visual and easy instructions. Our website will help the readers to buy new tech or gaming gadgets, fix tech gadgets that aren’t working, install and uninstall software or gaming gears, perform tech-savvy tasks, and find the best products in the market without getting confused with 100s of available options.