Today’s video games (AAA memory-hungry titles) are taking up so much space that you’ll soon be running out of room on your PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Thankfully, the PlayStation (console) is supportive of external storage. It means that you can expand your storage with an external hard drive for PS4 & Pro – without so much trouble.

There are a few quality life fixes that have been so easy and helpful. But, selecting a new disk drive is a bit challenging. All the available storage drives have various features that will surely make your PS4 faster, cut down on load times, store more information, and also help you take your games on the go. 

The price of external and portable hard drives was high in the early days. But as technology advances and demand increased, the market has seen a noticeable shift, and prices have gone down significantly. Now buying a PS4 external hard drive is pocket-friendly. It starts from $100 and goes up, depending on which drive you choose to buy.

Best External Hard Drives for PS4 & Pro to Buy in 2020

It won’t be easy to choose one drive, when you’ve so many options. We sit down and look at some of the best hard drive solutions for PS4; shortlisted these pinnacles of external hard drives that can help you store and play all new and all-time-favorite games on PS4 and PS4 Pro. 

DriveStorage CapacityOffer
Seagate Backup Plus Slim1TB to 5TBSave 20-25% on Seagate Drive
Toshiba Canvio Basics1TB to 4TBBuy it on Amazon
Western Digital My Passport256GB – 2TBBuy it on Amazon
Samsung T5500 GB (SSD)Save 40% on Amazon
Seagate Backup Plus4 TBSave 5% on Amazon

#1 Seagate Backup Plus Slim – The heart-winning external hard drive for PS4 

Technical Specs:

Hard Drive Type Portable Desktop HDD
Read/Write Speed 151MB/sec – 134MB/sec
Speed 5400RPM
Capacities  1TB to 5TB

Seagate is a well-known company in the external storage sector, churning out high-quality hardware components; that’s why the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim topped our list – a deadly combo of capacity, speed, and price.

The design is sleek and stylish, thanks to the fabricated skin and thin profile, which comes in many different colors. What makes this one of the fastest SSD options in this guide? It’s sequential read-and-write speeds of 151/134Mb/sec, respectively. You can check our gaming SSD guide – where we explained in detail the use of SSDs and how it can benefit your gaming experience.

We think Seagate has done a superb job in designing an affordable, efficient, and all-round exceptional external hard drive.

#2 Toshiba Canvio Basics – The runner-up in the list of Best external hard drive for PS4 

Technical Specs:

Hard Drive Type Portable HDD
Read/Write Speed 119MB/sec – 118MB/sec
Speed 5400RPM
Capacities  1TB to 4TB

The Canvio Basics by Toshiba is a brilliant PS4 hard drive that is currently available only in $47.48. It’s one of the most affordable, respectively; you might find the design quite basic but refined enough to feel and look stylish; however, it doesn’t feel durable and robust as the WD and Seagate.

Performance-wise, Canvio is not the quickest in the box, but for the price, you will struggle to find anything to double your PS4 storage.

The Canvio is the easiest to set up, small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, and requires no effort whatsoever, making it extremely versatile.

#3 Western Digital My Passport – An absolute-steal External hard drive PS4

Technical Specs:

Hard Drive Type Portable HDD
Read/Write Speed 115MB/sec – 113MB/sec
Speed 5400RPM
Capacities  1TB to 4TB

The Western Digital My Passport is one of a few hard drives in this list, which is the most-deserving external hard drive to be featured. We all know that Western Digital is a major player in the storage game. It is continuously providing consumers with several hard drive options.

We’ve opted for its 4TB variant because it’s both affordable and spacious, without a USB 3.1 to effectively boost your transfer speed from 5GB to 10GB/sec. However, its read and write speeds are quite moderate. 

The design is like it’s been built to last forever, making use of a high-quality plastic shell – a definite yes for such a low price, another plus is it’s slim all back design – an-eye pleasing that will nicely pair up with your PS4.

#4 Samsung T5 – The exclusive yet Best ps4 external hard drive 

Technical Specs:

Hard Drive Type  Portable HDD
Read/Write Speed  540MB/sec – 520MB/sec
Capacities 1TB to 2TB

This is an overkill for the PS4, considering its best speed delivering over USB 3.1. If looking for the best of the best, the T5 is there. Other than being one of the smallest PS4 external hard drives we’ve reviewed, it’s also the fastest, yet the priciest drive on our list. 

Additionally, when we traded capacity for speed, the T5 scored north of 540 MB/s for reads and writes with exceptional performance, clocking in at 165.1 MB/s for 194.7 MB/s for random reads and writes. 

That said, you’re not getting the capacity for the money, as the T5 tops out at 2TB, which is quite nothing compared to other HDDs; when compared with SSDs, it’s great to store your games, especially the number of small, indie titles. 

With T5, all your games will download as fast as your internet allows with little to no wait time on loading screens. 

#5 Seagate Backup Plus – A Bulkier PS4 External Hard Drive

Technical Specs:

Hard Drive Type  Portable HDD
Read/Write Speed  5Seagate Backup Plus Portable
Capacities 2TB to 4TB
Speed 5400RPM

The Seagate Backup Plus HDD is the biggest capacity hard drive you’ll come across in this best of the guide comes in sizes ranging from 4Tb right up to 10TB. For PS4 users, we are recommending the 8TB, that offers the best $/GB ratio.

Worth noting, it’s a desktop external drive that will need access to a functional plug socket, plug and experience excellent read/write speeds, and superb storage capacity with transfer rates.

You’ll also get the peace of mind when buying Seagate hardware, looking for large capacity? Look no elsewhere.

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New to PS4 gaming, this is for you! 

What Is the use of an External Hard Drive?

If you’ve dabbled within computers, you’re probably aware of what an external hard drive is. For those not aware, an external hard drive is a storage solution that stores information and files without physically attaching to your PC. Your PC or console already has an in-built hard drive similar to the external one; an external hard drive is an added luxury that you can unplug and take it wherever you please. 

Hard drives are quite useful for so many purposes but usually attract those whose’ internal hard drives have already been packed to the capacity; worry not, they are super-easy to set up than internal ones which require a physical installation. External HDD’s can simply be plugged into your rig straight out the box without any fuss.


We focused on all the crucial factors that might impact your gaming experience. The key things to discuss when choosing the best external hard drives for PS4 are:

  • Storage space
  • The size of the external hard drive
  • Data transfer speeds
  • Brand and device reputation

If you are a casual PS4 gamer – you may not need more than an extra 500 GB or a terabyte of additional storage, while avid ones may want six TB or larger drive.

Data transfer speed is important if you want the best performance.

Customer comments and reviews also played a role in all the drives we chose; what if gamers (being a vocal group) don’t like a product or find problems with? Finding such issues is relatively easy online. 

We also considered the physical size of each external drive; you may need a compact drive for the limited space available.

To end this guide, let me answer some basic queries from the world of gaming hard drives.

PS4 External Hard Drive Support – FAQs

#1. Can I play games directly from my external drive?

Yes, you can play games directly from the drive you choose to compliment your PS4 experience. Some HDDs may experience troubleshooting issues if you unplug them while the PS4 is on or turn it on while unplugged, so it’s a good practice to dedicate a hard drive to your PS4.

#2. Will an external drive for games cause lag?

No, it’s not true! With every external HDD out there, a solid-state external drive ensures the most speed possible, letting the faster data transfers than the data stored on a regular hard drive. In essence, you probably won’t notice any lag. 

#3. Will any USB external drive work with PS4?

Most USB-compatible external hard drives work with the PS4; check the specs or ask PlayStation Support before buying anything other than the ones on our list.

#4. Where is the best place to buy an external drive for gaming?

You’ll find the best deals on Amazon; some big-box stores and local office supply places also run sales or deals on the PS4 hard drives as well.

How do you connect (and disconnect) an external hard drive to a PS4?

It’s super easy to configure.

  • First, connect the external drive to your PS4 – try to avoid using any USB hubs. Once connected, format the PS4 external hard drive (unless the drive is pre-formatted for the PS4).
  • To format, go to Settings Devices USB Storage Devices > your device >  Format.

That’s it; you’ve added external storage to your PS4.

However, themes and captured screenshots/video clips will now save to the internal drive. The system will use the new storage automatically, but you can also make a few changes per your preferences.

To Disconnect the Drive Safely

Disconnecting while it’s in use could possibly damage your data; to safely disconnect;

  • Hold the PlayStation button on the controller to open the quick menu, then go to Sound/Devices > Stop Using Extended Storage > OK to confirm. 

How to move games between storage locations in PS4?

To move a game between storage drives, 

  • Go to Settings Storage> select the device where the game you want to relocate. 
  • Now, choose Applications from the types of data.
  • Press Options on your controller > Move to Extended Storage (or System Storage) > Move to confirm.

I know the ability to extend your storage can be pretty expensive, depending on the storage capacity you need. If you’ve time, then we recommend waiting for some mega PS4 hard drive deals on Amazon Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday 2020. Or, wait for PS5, which is coming with built-in SSD. 

Hopefully, the article would serve you in both an informative and helpful manner in making your next hard drive decision easier. My favorite is the Seagate Backup Plus Slim, and I loved its high speed and stylish design.

Which one is your favorite? 

Leave us a comment below!


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