Precise writing is the ultimate goal of all writers; however we all happen to make common grammar mistakes all the time. But, thanks to grammar checker software like Ginger – which helps to achieve maximum productivity while writing. With smart AI technology, Ginger Software checks spelling, punctuations, sentence structure, and many other grammar errors, to help you become a profound writer. Today, we’re going to review the Ginger grammar checker to find out how efficient this software is and how much you can rely on it. 


  • Easy to install and run
  • 50 language translations
  • Unlimited premium plan
  • Multiple device configurations
  • Feature-rich
  • Intelligent algorithms
  • Free trial


  • No plagiarism
  • Poor reporting
  • Average customer support

So, this is a glimpse of what Ginger grammar software offers. We’ll be covering all the aspects in the review to determine if it is the right product for your writing needs. 

An Overview of Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger, an Israeli venture started back in 2007, is one of the well-known grammar checkers in the market today. Just like top grammar editors (Grammarly), Ginger offers premium online proofreading and free spell-checking features. 

The Ginger grammar checker is an excellent writing tool for both desktop and mobile devices, equipped with features like spell-checker, sentence rephraser, dictionary, translator, etc. The software also offers suggestions and corrections as you type the content.

Moreover, Ginger Software also assists users to communicate in different languages. The tool is helpful to translate around 50 different languages. Don’t worry! This Ginger grammar checker review will explain all the features in detail.

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Let’s begin with Ginger’s pricing plans.

Is Ginger Grammar Checker Affordable?

The software offers three different pricing plans.

ginger software pricing

Apart from these premium paid plans, Ginger also offers a free plan with a specific weekly limit. When the limit is over, Ginger still displays corrections for misspelled words, but you have to correct the mistakes manually.

All the premium paid plans are backed up by 7 days money-back guarantee, but only on first-time purchases.

To check the worth of the money, let’s look at the astounding feature of this grammar checking tool. Shall we start?

Ginger Grammar Checker Features

Let’s start with Grammar checking capabilities. 

Grammar Checker

ginger grammar checker

Ginger corrects almost all types of grammatical mistakes, even the ones that no other tool can identify and correct. These issues include:

  • Singular/Plural 
  • Subject-verb Agreement 
  • Consecutive nouns 
  • Misused words
  • Contextual spelling correction

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Ginger Dictionary – DEFINE

With Ginger Define – free dictionary, you get an English dictionary to use anytime, ensuring that the words you write must be easy-to-understand for others.

Whether checking the text to fix mistakes or working to enhance your English skills, this free dictionary is quick and straightforward to use. Once installed, you will be able to use it at any time.

ginger dictionary

Ginger Define is more than just a dictionary; it gives you the definition (and synonyms) of a word. So, use the Ginger software and spice up your write-ups while choosing the best way to express. Ginger English dictionary will save your time and money for all types of texts across all your devices.

Ginger Sentence Rephraser

With Ginger’s Sentence Rephraser, express yourself better with new variations for your sentences, adding synonyms, idioms, and phrases; no more bland, boring messages.

Forgot an idiom, no need to search on Google, Ginger sentence will read your content and correct any wrong usage of English and issues regarding sentence fragments.

ginger sentence rephraser

With a single click, one can turn a simple content into a high-quality text, using idioms, synonyms, antonyms, and phrases; the entire English dictionary would be at your fingertips.

Ginger Translator

The Ginger translator will help you translate your content in more than 50 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and many others.

Ginger Translate is free to download and easy to use, select a language, and write the text to translate it. 

ginger translator

Ginger Text Reader

Want to learn English? How about listening from native speakers? Ginger’s text-to-speech feature helps you to speak like a native with the correct pronunciation.

The Ginger text-to-speech feature reads the text in a high-quality human voice, transforming a written text into a learning podcast. With Ginger grammar checker, you can not only learn how to write but also learn how to speak in English.

ginger text reader

So how does it work?

  • The feature reads the texts from Outlook to MS-Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and any website opened with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome browsers.
  • You need to select the option of either male or female voice with either UK or US accents.
  • You can adjust the volume of the speaker.
  • At any time, if you don’t understand anything, pause the reading and replay.

Ginger Personal Trainer

To make your English learning easier, Ginger offers a Personal Trainer, which lets you practice English with personalized practice sessions based on your mistakes.

The tool analyzes writing, identifies your weak areas, and then provides you with lessons targeted to those areas.

ginger personal trainer

Ginger English Personal Trainer could be your perfect English learning companion, especially if you are a non-English speaker. The trainer is an alternative to a human English Personal Trainer. Your repetitive spelling mistakes, misused words, or any other grammar mistakes help Ginger English Personal Trainer to create personalized yet engaging English learning programs.

Now let’s answer some of the simple questions you have in your mind regarding Ginger.

Frequently asked Questions

Why use Ginger Grammar Checker?

Ginger is one of the specialized grammar checker that helps you learn from your mistakes, identifies the grammar topics that you need improving by analyzing your errors in your writing.

With Ginger, you learn the topics that are the most relevant to you, affecting your writing skills and, obviously, your writing e-business.

Interesting Discovery

If you want to learn more English grammar rules – then check this source from Ginger and learn everything related to grammar. Sometimes learning a language can be a boring task, why not learn grammar while playing games?

To make your decision easier, let me bifurcate features respective to its free and premium plan.

What is the difference between a paid or freemium plan?

Unlimited Grammar CheckerNoYes
Browser ExtensionYesYes
Text ReaderNoYes
Error analysisNoYes

What platforms is Ginger tool compatible with?

Ginger is friendly to all the major devices and OS including;

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Does Ginger offer customer support, and through which sources?

Ginger software offers decent client support via email, telephone, and ticket system, mirroring provider’s emphasis on client care and administration quality.

Also, there are a few tutorial videos too that will help you understand how the software works. The support page consists of download help for all the supporting browsers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use their contact email customer support.

It would be great if Ginger had a live chat option for more complicated problems.

Our Verdict on Ginger Grammar Software

If you want to brush up your English proficiency for your job, study, or business-related content, then Ginger software is highly recommended. It is one of the best tools, especially for feedback on your writing rather than subscribing to any grammar checker tool.

As far as Ginger is concerned, the software is much better than so many online grammar checkers out there in the market, rest the decision is yours, for the safe side, try their free trial before opting any of its premium plans.


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