Learning a new language as part of your New Year’s resolution is becoming more and more popular. While it seems to be a fun thing and can open up a new World to you, at the same time, it may be a boring and tedious job to do. We have to accept that learning a language is not easy. It requires focus, determination, and the right tool to master in a language. 

My new year’s resolution is also to master in a couple of languages. And while doing some research, I found how tedious it can be. So how about learning and playing at the same time? 

Sounds fun, right? 

What if I tell that you can learn a new language (beginner level) by simply engaging with grammar games? 

There are thousands of Language Teaching (LT) games available, which helps to learn vocabulary, converse, and memorize the rules of grammar. Today, I will talk about the best English Grammar games, which not only help you to build the foundation of the language but keep you engaged in the game.

5 Best English Grammar Games That You Should Start Playing Today

This can be a never-ending list. With loads of free grammar games sites and apps available in the market, it can be a challenging job to decide which one you should use. I spent hours to find some of the best collection to feed my list, and guess what – I am sharing my favorite ones that any age group can play, and learn!  

1. Word Jumble Champion – The Best Grammar Puzzle Game

If you love to solve puzzles, then Word Jumble Champion will never lay you in boredom. This game is so engaging that you’d consider it a binge-watching platform, but for grammar lovers only! The game is designed by BitMango, who are one of the leading players in the “Word Quiz” market. 

You’ll find different levels in the game, which I am sure you’ll develop after learning the few basics. The best thing I love about this grammar game is that you can play with millions of other players. 

Trust me! This game is so addictive that your screen time will always show the usage of it. Download the app on Google Play Store & App Store.

2. Hangman – The Classic Drawing Grammar Game

It would be a little surprising to me if you have never played Hangman. Although graphic wise this game is not the best, but the concept is mind-blowing. The puzzle shows you a set of blank letters which you have to guess based on the category you wish to play. Upon every successful answer, the letter will be filled in the box, while the wrong answer will draw a picture of Hangman. 

You’ll have the vowels on the left and consonants on the right. The easy way to play this English grammar game is to start guessing the word with a vowel, as it will not be counted as an incorrect answer. If you go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you will find different versions of Hagman; you may download the app as per your preference. Check Hangman game on Google Play Store and on App Store.

3. Word Domination – Games for Power Users

Like diamonds are rare, I would say Word Domination is also an obscure treasure to find. This game is personally my favorite, as it will challenge your English skills to a great extent. Word Domination is like a scrabble where you have to guess the right word based on different combinations your opponent select. 

This game can be played with friends or challenge any opponent online. With Word Domination, you don’t need a player to stay online all the time. Make your move at any time, and it will give 72 hours to you or the opponent to make a move. 

The best thing about the Word Domination game is that it keeps on bringing new stuff. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in tournaments & events and test your English grammar skills. By far, this is the best grammar game that I have played, and I am still very much addicted to it.

The game is developed by MAG Interactive, a Swedish company specialized in mobile gaming. You can play the game on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Duolingo – The Multilingual Game

Duolingo, as the name speaks, is one of the versatile grammar game platform/app that targets a variety of language speakers. It is one of the most famous language app, which has won many awards.

From Spanish, French, German to many other languages – you can learn everything with Duolingo. The company made it relatively easy and fun to learn a new language daily. Duolingo provides textual, vocal, and pictorial lessons to help students learn the language quickly. Download Duolingo on Google Play Store and Duolingo on App Store.

Which Grammar Game You Play?

So this was my review of the best grammar games of 2020. There are more amazing games our there – filled with informative content and fun element to make you engaged in the game.

Let me know in the comments which English grammar game you play, and your experience with it. 

Happy to challenge new players and improve my language skills! 


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