If you are a grammar nazi, then you will surely annoy with contractions such as “I’d, he’s, you’re, y’all, etc. or if I miss or misplace any comma, hyphen or any other obvious punctuation. This obsessive-compulsive of error-free English is what makes you a Grammar Nazi. While there are various scientific benefits of laughing every day, we thought of sharing some of the funniest Grammar jokes ever released on the Internet. 

Our collection of Grammar jokes are hilarious, witty & full of humor. So, don’t forget to share them with your nerdy mates!

Funny Grammar Jokes for Grammar Nazi & Everyone

These are some of the most-craziest instances when grammar nerds broke the Internet.

1. The ever confusing Pronouns question

This one is my favorite on the list. It reminded me of my school days as well, and I couldn’t stop laughing with this joke about grammar.

grammar joke on pronoun
Source: Grammarly

2. Proportion in Grammar

If the past participle of Grew is Grown, then what would be the past participle of Flew? Have a look!

joke on proportion

3. Punctuation save lives

People often don’t give more weightage to punctuation, but it is essential. See how punctuation can save a million lives.

joke on comma

4. Comma, please

What, no! This one is a masterpiece, and I have seen so many cases in public places. Comma changes the whole game of the sentence, so always be careful with it!

use comma please

5. A simple dash (hyphen) makes a difference

My grammarian friends could easily relate to this. 

Who will you expect at a CATHOLIC meeting? Bishops, Cardinals, and Patriarchs, right?

cat-holic joke

Oh no, it was a meeting for Cat-holic! Sorry, my bad.

6. Apostrophe Intelligence 

While apostrophe helps in styling your content, it doesn’t mean you put it everywhere! From its to it’s, you got to know what is right.

grammar joke on apostrophe

7. The sugar-coated Adjective went WRONG

Yes, I love desserts! 

dessert joke

8. The hangout of tenses

When you’re having a serious conversation going on.

joke on grammar tenses

9. The possessiveness of Apostrophe

You need to handle it carefully. 

dating an apostrophe joke

10. Comma or Car?

The modifier is critical in writing; else, you find similarities in cat and comma. 

comma and cat joke
Source: Grammarly

So the next time you’re writing, make sure these 20 grammar rules are on your fingertips! 

11. The Dry feeling

Sometimes, the correct grammar is not actually correct. 

grammar funny joke

12. The knock-knock joke

It’s to whom, not to who.

knock knock funny joke

13. Pun dog has a point

Go easy or go wild. 

pun dog english joke

14. The theory of Your & You’re

A common error that many of us do. Just an apostrophe can make a difference. 

you and you are joke

15. Less or Fewer

Place the adjective correctly.

less or fewer joke

16. Santa Claus elves

The great Santa elves are called subordinate clauses.

santa english joke

17. The right placement matters

A little here and there can be a nightmare.

english grammar joke

18. Squids, not Squad

Why is a group of Squids not called a Squad?

joke on squids

19. The contraction phobia 

Don’t be panic! 

loud english joke

20. Control the Zombie Army

There is one way you can command the Zombie Army, comma! 

zombie comma joke

21. Caution: The door is alarmed

When you’re clear with the warning.

grammar warning joke

22. Sorry or Apologize 

The context says it all.

sorry english joke

23. The (prose) and cons story

You will get the know the good and bad about anything. 

typo joke

24. A very tense situation 

When action meets the past. 

tenses joke

25. The Dinosaur of English Words

The word mantra has one dinosaur, Thesaurus! 

thesaurus joke

26. The stop and pause 

This is getting crazier; you need to stop it now. 

stop and pause joke

27. The interrogation of Noun

Question and answer session – the noun declined the verb request. 

the noun joke

28. The positioning of an asterisk

This sometimes depends on the mood also. I have made this mistake many times myself, and this one stays as one of the best grammar jokes for me.

asterisk english joke

29. Save the Grandma! 

Grandma is not safe, call punctuation.

grandma joke in english

30. Happy Marriage

The couple will have memories together. 

marriage pronoun joke

31. Eye Before Flea

eye before flea

32. The Grilling of Grammar

Yes, I want a well-done steak!

grammarian grill joke

33. Be gentle with others

I can relate the anxiety level when you hear bad grammar. But, be kind and gently repeat.

be humble joke

34. Blade with a name

A little pause (comma) can name a blade, Sting.

pause joke

35. Friends with Grammar

When your friend is a Grammar Nazi, be careful.

friendly grammar joke

36. Preferred nomenclature

Yes, Dork is the preferred nomenclature.

nomenclature joke

37. Funny, but not “to funny”

funny joke

38. Hard to understand where to stop

It’s when you realize how important a comma is.

joke without comma

39. Adjective Mountains

If Earth’s highest mountain is known as MT. EVEREST, then what do we call the second most-highest??? MT. EVERER…

mount everest english joke

40. Grammar girl, or, girl, in grammar

The relation between man and woman can’t be described in a better way than this.

grammar girl joke

41. Wait! Butt or Bucks?


butt or bucks joke

42. Capitalization is Important

Using proper capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse. 

capitalization joke

There is a Grammar Joke about Everything

Ah… these English grammar jokes and funny puns are hilarious, and I am sure you will screenshot them and share it with your friends, especially the ones who are Grammar lovers.

Jokes apart, be it English, French, or any other language, grammar is something that requires years of continuous practice and efforts; I have witnessed many writers making blunders while drafting formal pieces. 

So, what I recommend to all the writers, (especially) students, and teachers and all the Grammar freaks to download a software called Grammarly. It really helps in fixing basic issues of grammar, while you enjoy your writing at all levels. Another way you can learn is engaging with some popular grammar games, which can help you improve your language skills with fun!

Having a grammar-checker means you don’t have to remember all the grammar rules, even vocabulary is also built-in already for grabbing new words. Grammarly also offers a Chrome extension, that will keep a check of your grammar wherever, whatever you write on Google. 

If you know any other grammar puns or jokes, do share with us in our comment section below. We will share on our social platforms and highlight your inner grammar Nazi to the world.


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