If your written and spoken English is fluent, and you feel good in correcting others’ grammar mistakes (on the internet and real-life), believe it or not, you are a real grammar Nazi. There are both good and bad things about being a grammar nazi, and we aim to discuss all the details with you. 

So, what makes someone a grammar Nazi?

A grammar Nazi is a popular and catchy phrase for a person who cannot resist any grammar errors being spoken or written by anyone around them. Unfortunately, many people still do not get the difference between “their & there,” “you’re & your,” and many other homophonic words.

Grammar savvy or Nazis go crazy seeing such grammatical mistakes. Learn the most common grammar rules that can improve your English writing skills.

29 Signs Prove That You’re a Grammar Nazi

By now, you must have known whether you are one of the Nazis or not and if yes, you will definitely relate these 29 signs of a grammar Nazi:

  1. You are proud to know how to use Grammar correctly – you often claim that you know how to slay in English, feels great, right?
  2. People with wrong English make you infuriated – Can’t you understand that Sychology spells like “psychology.”
  3. Texts with wrong spellings make you annoyed – you either immediately respond with the correction or say the first thing to the sender when you meet in person.
  4. You often know how to pronounce the words – though, you pronounce well, your friends laugh, you don’t care; you tell them the correct way.
  5. People may avoid you for being spooky in all the grammar matters – So, what?
  6. You read twice thrice before posting anything – Well, you have to save your Nazi face to your online friends and fans.
  7. In arguments, you are more focused on your opponent’s Grammar than facts – LOL! What did you say? You care more about English than the situation.
  8. You stop reading the article if you find grammar mistakes and errors – No matter how impressive the article is, the grammar mistakes within makes you feel wild and indigent with anger. 
  9. No grammar error or typo is small to you – All the mistakes are significant, and will immediately strike your eyes.
  10. You are an introvert – According to research carried out by American scientists, it was proven that there is a connection between the type of personality and desirability to correct mistakes. So, if this information is right for you, you have to think it over.
  11. You use synonyms more logically and creatively – This makes you famous for playing with English, and people may call you English Dictionary and Grammarly (or any other grammar-correcting software).
  12. If somebody tries to correct your Grammar… How dare you? – There’s no wrong in accepting… but, I have a good grasp over Grammar!
  13. You interrupt anyone/everyone to correct them and then let them speak – Whenever you talk with someone and find any grammar error, you stop them right there and correct them before proceeding. 
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FAQ: Is it rude to correct someone’s Grammar?

The general consensus is that correcting someone’s Grammar in public is actually rude, especially when the receiver is a stranger; when done in private, grammar correction may not sound rude.

Correcting someone’s SPOKEN English is condescending behavior unless they ask, so; the ignorance will be all yours if he/she knows that grammar rule.

  1. Read a sentence and instantly point out punctuation error/s – Does it really matter to them? Sorry, bro!
  2. For you, correct Grammar and punctuation are life-saving – If only you don’t take it seriously, then, why feel odd in correcting someone’s Grammar? After all, it will improve their speaking and writing skills.
  3. People mixing “you’re and your” or “they’re, their, and there” fill you with rage – Yes, they sound the same, but use indifferently. 
  4.  You know all the Grammar Nazi Jokes – People notice you first then try to laugh if they understand 
  5. Twitter, Yahoo, Quora, Facebook answers… makes you hold the head in hands and bemoaned the illiteracy of this generation.
  6. Your first comment on any post is grammar-related. Was your editor on leave when you published this?
  7. People fear to comment on your posts due to your grammar-freakiness. It’s just like… I write well. 
  8.  Dictionaries and grammar books are your Bible. Do you often use the dictionary? Do you think it is essential to double-check word/s when you are not sure of their spelling? If yes, you’re a real grammar Pedant.
  9.  You cannot stand with first-timers. Your biggest nightmare is to deal with those who don’t know much about Grammar, you can’t be an English teacher. 
  10. You always talk about Grammar. You are the only grammar-freak in your group who, despite having a social environment uninterested in grammar ideology, share anything, everything about Grammar. 
  11. You are approached by friends and family to proofread their literary ventures. You are never too tired of being asked by people to proofread their emails & essays because you derive pleasure in correcting Grammar.
  12.  Word chain and Heads Up or any other grammar game are your go-to pastime activities. You are the Scrabble expert amongst friends and family with an unbeatable record and want to be the next World Scrabble Champion.
  13. Good Grammar is your food for the soul. You only relish proper Grammar, and incorrect Grammar gives you paramount satisfaction.
  14.  You instantly learn the words unknown to you and add them to the literary arsenal. New words are your priority, and to use them in your everyday conversation gives other-worldly happiness.
  15. Your every piece of content is actually a Book. And after spending two hours writing your extensive, 14 paragraph email explaining why you’re not able to attend the session, the only response you get is “acknowledged.”
  16. People texting “U” and “R” are not acceptable. You always use standard spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Anything else is unacceptable.
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Our grammar Nazi craze doesn’t end here; we have a couple of reasons why you should have a grammarian friend? We have also talked about interesting English Grammar games that will help you improve language, while playing – do check them!

9 Reasons why Grammar Nazis are Amazing 

grammar nazis are amazing
  1. Your grammar Nazi friend will help your texting to be top-notch; after chatting with them, you would be in rare form. 
  2. A linguistic friend will teach you more words than anyone and their correct usage.
  3. They call us old fashioned, but the fact is – more correct your Grammar is the classier you are. The grammar Nazi can bring that much-needed element of the class you are needing.
  4. A know-it-all thesaurus will remind you that the little red line on your phone is a misspelled word; you didn’t know the spelling, autocorrect has no idea what you mean, but your grammar friend will know exactly what that word you are looking for. They are always obliged to share with you the right spelling.
  5. A grammar freak can not only keep you abreast of words from the modern dictionary but also from dead languages! Who needs google translator when your best friend knows the origin of every word? 
  6. Want to insult someone creatively? Call the Grammar Nazi of your group; they will give you the best words to stand up for yourself; they know the words for both – to crumble the foundation or raise a city. A well-worded defense is a precious gift a grammar Nazi can offer.
  7. Grammar Nazis are always needed by writers; a publisher never published without an editor. 
  8. Sit with a bunch of grammar Nazi, and you will learn so many newly-created strange yet bizarre words. You can check the list of all words created by the wordsmiths who call themselves grammar Nazis. They know how to craft a goofy word to give you a laugh or bring a smile on your face.
  9. Grammar lovers love to vandalize things with non-grammarians, mostly signs or posts that require editing; correcting a ridiculous memo posted by your boss is the funniest passive-aggressive way to crack a joke. Who else could do that besides your bravest, boldest grammar Nazi friend? 

Hold on my Grammar Nazi fellas… this nazism can cause you a syndrome

Yes, your excessive annoyance towards grammatical errors and inexplicable urge to correct them may cause you grammar pedantry syndrome (GPS); you won’t find the definition of GPS on Wikipedia, but recent studies suggest that this is a real illness, and possibly a form of OCD. 

“If you know someone who corrects every grammar mistake, it’s likely that he/she has GPS.”

Unsurprisingly, proofreaders and editors, who spot all the grammar mistakes quickly and precisely, are often patients of grammar pedantry syndrome.

The symptoms of GPS are;

  • Increasing anxiety toward grammatical errors.
  • Intrusive thoughts that are causing discomfort, anxious, or scared.
  • Feel frustrated, anxious, and uneasy after seeing grammar errors.
  • To have a strong urge to correct all the grammatical errors or typos.


GPS doesn’t affect physical health but could affect one’s psychological state, leading the person in the state of overall anxiety and making the person nervous and compulsive.

Worry not!

It’s not always necessary to turn to professional help; you can live with GPS, using it to your advantage – how about becoming a proofreader or an editor!

Do you want to become a grammar nazi?

If you need to champion in Grammar, there are a slew of things that can be done. Firstly, make it a habit of reading books – this will help you understand the context of a word. Also, start writing about anything that interests you. The more you get into writing, the better you will learn Grammar. 

I have personally used Grammarly & Ginger to rectify my Grammar and advance as a creative writer. To learn new words every day, I use WordWeb, a great application to improve your vocabulary. 

Do share your grammar story, and how did you improve? We love to hear the best & not-so-good experience with English Grammar, and let’s help each other!


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