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Privacy Policy

The Usables take the readers’ privacy very seriously. To ensure the secrecy of our users’ information, we do our best to minimize the use of users’ data. Below we describe the policy with regards to data we collect from our readers. This happens through ‘The Usables’ and other partnered websites. We explain how we use your data. It is your right to understand what we do with the collected information from our readers. You can make an informed decision about how you can share data with The Usables when you visit the site.

What data do we collect from Visitors?

Data you choose to hand over to us?

When you visit the website, you may be asked to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated about our blogs, updates, and news. If you chose to provide us the information including email address and name. You may be asked to offer more personal information like date of birth, education, career, profession, or other nature of data only if you wish to participate in our surveys.

Please be aware that any content you post on the site via comment or feedback is viewed by all other visitors. Therefore, you should avoid adding sensitive personal information on the website which you do not want to make public.

The information which we collect automatically

As you enter the URL and open ‘The Usables’ we may automatically collect information including IP address, details about the operating system and browser, information about the device you use to access the website, country, and city details.

We may use Google Analytics to collect such information and by adding Cookies to your device. The intent of collecting such data is to enhance your experience on our website. This information is solely used for analyzing the usage of our website and the visiting pattern of the readers. In no circumstances, we will share this information with any third-party or our affiliates.

How we use the information we collected?

The information collected on The Usables can be used for various purposes depending on the needs which are listed below:

  • If you subscribe to our newsletter via your email ID, we may use the same email ID to send you newsletters and updates about the website, promotions, affiliates, and industry news.
  • If you contact our support team by sending an email asking about any issue or problem related to technology, we may use the same email to reply you back.
  • We may use your email address to send out promotional campaigns and updates.
  • We may use your email ID to serve you advertising content based on your interests from third-parties.
  • We will use the information to evaluate and improve our business strategies. The analysis will help us develop new features, adding new landing pages, assessing the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing, and managing communications with visitors.
  • We will use the information to identify and prevent frauds, criminal activities, or any illegal actions.

How may we share your information?

Our affiliates, vendors, and other services may have access to the information we collect through the website to perform duties on our behalf. All the stakeholders in dealing with the users’ data are subject to confidentiality obligations and are highly restricted from using this data for personal use.

  • We may share your personal information with:
  • Our affiliates for internal business colorations
  • If requested by the legal authorities and related parties.
  • If government agencies requested to share information to meet national security requirements
  • If in a scenario where there’s a chance of physical harm or financial loss to the company with an investigation to suspected illegal activity
  • We may share your information with advertisers to inform them about the nature of our user base
  • In the event, if we sell, merge or transfer the business or some part of it along with the assets, we may hand over your information, but we will seek to provide you with reasonable notice via email. We will inform all our subscribers about the change of ownership and choices they have regarding personal information – either to share with their consent or at the discretion.

How can you discard your data or stop sharing with us?

Readers and visitors always have the right to stop sharing their personal information or discard it from our database. Following are the choices they have:

  • Unsubscribed from the email list to stop receiving the newsletter, advertisement promotions, product information, or any other kind of email.
  • Block cookies to stop sharing information about your IP address, interest, system, and device, browser, and browsing pattern.
  • As mentioned above, our advertisers and we will serve you ads based on your interest; if you wish to opt for the advertisement, you can block ads on your browser.

If you have any queries or questions regarding our privacy policy or security of your data, you can contact us at contact@theusables.com

Terms of Use

If you are accessing “TheUseables,” you are accepting these terms and conditions of use (“Terms of Use”).

  1. All content available on the website is the sole property of “The Usables” and cannot be utilized or copied without permission from the copyright holders of the website.
  2. The Usables is fully allowed to include any information or services related to technology, gaming gadgets, and gears, online security, software, mobile applications, games, regardless of the medium or channel, without limitations, via blogs, videos, infographics, or podcasts.
  3. The Usables is fully allowed to add any affiliate at any time.
  4. The Usables has the full right to modify, update, alter, or discontinue the website at any time without any notice.
  5. To access the website, you should be a minimum of 13 or above. If you are under 13, we recommend you not to use the site without the supervision of your guardians and do not provide us with any of your personal information.
  6. The access to the website is solely your responsibility. If in any region, the site is restricted to be used by the law, you do so on your own and entirely responsible for compliance of the law.


All the information and tips provided on the website is for educational purposes only. We do not publish any biased or influenced content on our website to gain monetary benefits. “The Usables” gives no guarantee to the accuracy, quality, or trustworthiness of the content, and we will not be accountable for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracy in the content of the information. Readers are advised to verify the information as being appropriate for personal use, especially when money or reputation is at stake. 

TheUseables reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without informing the readers. We advise our readers to keep checking our ‘Terms of Use’ frequently if any change will appear on the site and may affect in any possible way.

With the use of this site, you agree and accept our ‘Terms of Use.’